More Than Music Faculty Series

Experience more than music as Concordia Conservatory faculty explore in depth the musical influences and inspirations of specific themes through performance. This series includes three Sunday afternoon concerts.

Artistic Director: Marija Ilić

Film Inspiration

Concordia conservatory faculty concert film inspiration

Sunday, November 19
4 pm

Home of Laurie and Hoke Slaughter, Bronxville

Stephanie Liu, violin
Clare Hoffman, flute
Slavina Zhelezova, piano

Works by Dmitri Shostakovich, Mel Bonis, and John Williams

The opening concert will draw from film, video, and art as inspiration. Music has the power to complement and enhance the visual storytelling of films, adding depth and emotion to the overall narrative. This concert will present a unique opportunity to experience the artistry of musicians and composers who can create music that feels like it belongs to the world of film, even when performed live in a concert setting.

Dances from Around the World

Faculty concert at Concordia conservatory Dancer from Around the World

Sunday, February 4
4 pm

The Reformed Church of Bronxville, Edwards Hall

Roberto Granados, guitar
Marija Ilić, piano
Yousif Sheronick, percussion

Works by Élisabeth de La Guerre, Muzio Clementi, Manuel de Falla

This concert explores the different dance forms and contrasting emotions from giddy and bright to melancholic, creating an emotionally diverse experience for the audience. Spanning from Baroque to modern times this concert will showcase the evolution of music and dance styles throughout history, making it an enriching journey for everyone attending.

The Roaring Twenties

Concordia Conservatory faculty concert the roaring twenties

Sunday, May 5
4 pm

Home of Laurie and Hoke Slaughter, Bronxville

Sun Young Chang, soprano
Emily Kalish, violin
Jon Klibonoff, piano

Works by George Gershwin, Maurice Ravel, Arnold Schoenberg

The final concert of the series is a celebration of creativity and artistic freedom, with George Gershwin, Maurice Ravel, and Arnold Schoenberg as the focal points of the program. The music will transport the audience back to the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age, experiencing the excitement of, “joie de vivre,” and the cultural revolution that defined this remarkable decade in Western history.