Music Adventures Family Series

Since 1999, Concordia Conservatory has been committed to presenting live performances designed to engage the audience and enhance music learning. In this 2023-24 season, the series offers two performances, A Christmas Carol and Schmutzinberry Meets the Instruments. These delightful 45-minute performances are programmed to educate and entertain.

Schmutzinberry Meets the Instruments

by Rami Vamos

Sunday, January 21
3 pm
Concordia Conservatory, Stein Hall

171 White Plains Road

featuring Rami Vamos as Schmutzinberry

This instrumental sampler featuring composer Wolfgang Amadeus Schmutzinberry, explores the world of music through the different families of instruments. Each program will be preceded by an instrument petting zoo—a chance to touch, feel, and be inspired by the instruments that create the magic of music.