Student Stories: Meet Shay Armond

Student Stories: Meet Shay Armond

Meet Shay Armand,  a Conservatory scholarship student who has studied guitar and attended Conservatory summer program for eight years starting in 2015.  

Nelcida Armand, Shay’s mom, recently shared her thoughts with the Conservatory about the importance of music in her childrens’ lives. “When Shay started music lessons, it gave him new ways to express himself. He not only expressed himself through music, but it empowered him verbally and it helped him academically.”

She also added, “Thanks to the Conservatory scholarships, my children have benefited from such great music instruction and an enriching summer program.” Shay’s sister, Niara, studies cello at the Conservatory.

As a single parent, living in Mount Vernon, the Conservatory scholarships have been transformational for the Armand family. 

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